Candidate Sourcing


Finding the right candidate, fast, isn't impossible.

We get it. You need to fill a position with a quality candidate — fast. But you’re overwhelmed by the time consuming undertaking of finding the right one. You need a customized, high-tech, affordable way to search through the haystack, narrow down the prospects, and find that perfect match for your company.

No problem. Let us do the “dirty work” of sourcing and recruiting candidates with our proprietary state-of-the-art technology and hands-on recruiters. We’ll optimize your job description to attract the best applicants and use every innovative tool, including video interviewing, to narrow down the field of ideal prospects for you. Then, we’ll present a pool of qualified candidates for you to make the final decision. Now, wasn’t that easy?


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Customized to your needs.

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Cost Effective

Feature for feature we give you more so you can do more at a lower cost.

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Tools that make it easier to manage, track and identify the best of the best.

A better solution because it's tailored to you.


We’ll review each job description and make adjustments to ensure it attracts the right job candidates

Distribute your job to top-ranked job boards and candidate sourcing services most appropriate for the position.

We’ll receive and review all applications

Match incoming applicants with your job requirements

We’ll conduct assessments to determine compatibility with your company

Conduct initial video interviews to establish the top candidates

Narrow down the search and deliver a pool of final candidates for you to interview and ultimately select for the position


Hassle-Free Implementation

Job distribution

Mobile First Design

Custom Hiring Process

Simplified Onboarding

Tools To Do More

Unique Benefits + Features

Your dedicated recruiter will spend up to 8 hrs on your job

Job description optimization to ensure quality candidates

Job distribution to hundreds of custom selected job boards

Skills matching to cull down the list to the ideal applicants

Integrated assessments

We’ll deliver a final pool of ideal candidates for your position

Video Interviews

To qualify a candidate an average phone interview takes 30 minutes, while an applicant tracking video interview takes just 90 seconds.

Replace the time-consuming process of scheduling and conducting the initial candidate phone interview, which can take 20-30 minutes per applicant or more, with a 90 second video interview. Unlike many other Applicant Tracking Solution providers who outsource video interviewing to a vendor and provide it as an add on at additional cost, our video interviewing solution is our own, and is included in your subscription.


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